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monday � july 1st � 2002
7:14 p - end to an era
girls you've got to know when it's time to turn the page, when you're only wet because of the rain.

this is long overdue, i suppose. but i think it's time for me to move on. so for the rest of the world, here are some pictures for voyeuristic pleasure, granted it's sort of anachronistic now.

so this is an end to my era of tears, drama, successes and whatever else. i'll take some of you with me, and for others, this is the end. i'm melodramatic for the occasion.

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sunday � june 30th � 2002
8:25 p - parrots and babies
my neighbors suck. they have this PARROT THAT WON'T SHUT THE FUCK UP. and now their stupid german baby won't SHUT THE FUCK UP EITHER. this parrot is going to turn me into david berkowitz, i swear. CONCLUSION: BOTH OF THESE GOD AWFUL ORGANISMS NEED SHUTTING UP LESSONS. my ovaries are in full fucking effect. thanks be.


current mood: enraged

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tuesday � june 25th � 2002
5:18 p
Justine is 90!
Justine is mediocre at best.
Justine is a perfect example of why yachts are referred to in the female gender.
Justine is nothing like me!
Justine is a brilliant comic invention.
Justine is one of the most favored high tech cosmetic and skin care products available in South Africa.
Justine is swilling liquid from a short brown bottle.
Justine is very tightly wound.
Justine is known more for her $20 spanking sessions.
Justine is about to be evicted from her apartment.
Justine is a licensed pilot, a certified Scuba diver, a confessed "Internet Junkie", and drives a 1970's Muscle Car.

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4:37 p - xx tiny xx
my cat is so mad at me. i dropped the camera (by accident!) on her and she punched me in the face. i gave her some tuna, but she won't come near me, so i left the bowl in the basement.

she will never forgive me ever D:
& we were just becoming friends, too.

current mood: sad

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monday � june 24th � 2002
7:16 p - my old computer
i just got a phatty ass new machine, dell inspiron 8200 -- and i was wondering what to do with my old computer, a COMPAQ circa 1996. it has basically no value, so far people have told me to:

- donate it to a museum
- throw it out the window, and record the whole thing
- hold onto it in case some linux freak wants an old 'box' to fuck with
- pawn it for $0.99

anyone will REAL, VIABLE ideas, please.

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4:41 p - uh
the venus swimwear catalog (somehow i'm on the mailing list?) should be renamed ALL OF OUR MODELS HAVE NOSEJOBS. one of my secret talents is that i can instantly spot a rhinoplasty. living on long island allows me to hone my talent, since well, there isn't exactly a scarcity of plastic noses.

however, i do think that brooke burke has a real nose. oh and apparently it is OK to wear a thong bathing suit to the beach as long as you have a sarong covering yourself. no, that is never OK. in fact it's ethically wrong in all facets of society. it's repulsive and revolting, and a sarong NEVER makes it OK. once a woman got kicked out of echo park for wearing a thong. that ruled.

current mood: amused

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12:35 p - roe
i do not like roe. i don't like the fact that it has a membrane and you can pop them between your teeth and hear a noise. i also don't like the image of popping tiny eggs to begin with.

(& i love this song)

4:30 edit: uh, i have later realized that my mood says 'high' even though i didn't set it at that. however, i will leave it up as 'high' because i find this remotely amusing.

current mood: high

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3:17 a - (i'm feeling sorry for myself. ignore)
i like how when i start crying, my cat leaves the room. the door was closed, so she opened it to get away from me. jesus christ, what the fuck is wrong with me! it all makes sense now!

(i have no right to feel this way, right? talking to scott, susan and kyle have only made me believe otherwise.)

you can lead this immaculate existance. i'd love to open up your closet, put the skeletons on display -- air your dirty laundry, make you pay - or just make you own up to the burens you've evaded. they don't know your past, your faults, your future, in fact they probably think you're gay. in fact, you might as well just come out of the fucking closet -- you've got too much in there already.

current mood: self-pitying

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1:11 a - F Kinkos!
KINKOS IS A VERY VERY SHADY ESTABLISHMENT! seriously, that place is so fucking shady. first of all, they charge $3 for color printouts. i brought in a zipdisk with my mom's project on, so for printing out 20 pages of that shit cost $60! that is fucked up! plus their computers are also shady, and it kept on telling me that my document margins were fucked up, so for one hour i tried fixing them to no avail, so that was $30 for just using the computer (they charge .30 a minute). yeah, so then the printer fucked up again and reprinted pages that were already printed, so that was another $30 -- however, they refunded the thirty dollars because apparently it's a common practice for them to fuck everything up. yeah, so this is my mother's $100 project. ugh that place sucks so much fucking balls. even the computer terminals are shady. i'm surprised my console wasn't covered in semen. and on top of that, the employees are fucking assholes.

yeah, so that was my day. and after that i ate a lot of raw fish and liked it.

current mood: irritated

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saturday � june 22nd � 2002
3:48 p - asdfghjkl
got up at 10 am to set up checking account at fleet. i now have a debit card. i am getting green checks. i feel fucking cool.

my mom lost her cell phone & this has become the crisis of the day. i later have to like, do her art history project for her. tonight is susan's graduation party. i was supposed to go see n.e.r.d and princess superstar at summerstage, but i had this overwhelming moral obligation to go to the party, so no gyrating ghetto fab polish jews for me. oh, and i think i'm going to induce vomiting because eating at diners is a vile vile thing and something i will never do again D:

in other news, it's fucking hot out.

current mood: hot

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friday � june 21st � 2002
11:39 p - so
this just in: doctors at the mayo clinic have developed a 'tar' therapy to treat psoriasis. pizza for everyone!

in other news: martin landau is adorable and reminds me of allison's grandfather.


highlight of my evening consisted of a fun filled law & order svu with special guest john ritter! i've been currently working for my mother down here scanning all these paintings for her art history project. fun!

my computer better come tomorrow or i'll be sad.

current mood: bored

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3:22 a - requested password?
whoever wanted my password so bad is a fucking idiot. by gaining access to my lj password, and essentially my lj account, you would accomplish nothing. as opposed to email clients, my lj client holds no secrets. UNLESS YOU ARE INTERESTED IN MY COLOR SELECTIONS AND JOURNAL SETTINGS, THERE IS NOTHING TO SEE.

so whomever requested my password, you dicklick, why don't you just ask ME, you sprintnet dialup fuck.

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thursday � june 20th � 2002
5:07 p
name four bad habits you have:
1. never answering my phone. ever.
2. complaining. always.
3. leaving my laundry in the machine to mildew after days of neglect.
4. being mean >:o

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current mood: blah

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wednesday � june 19th � 2002
8:27 p - spaniards are fucked.
please someone tell me HOW THE FUCK bullfighting is legal?
i don't see any remote cultural value in blatant animal cruelty.

current mood: enraged

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4:05 p - yay!
i just got this huge packet with a lot of info from smith. my dog almost ripped off the mail carrier's hand as he/she tried to slip it through the mail slot! anyway, i find out mid-july where i'm going to be living, but this packet had all sorts of fun stuff like course info and a letter from my class dean! woo, i'm actually excited and looking forward to it. please let this last. i hate being jaded before the fact :\

on monday in government class, michael mohammed asked me if smith had male teachers. to that i replied, NO YOU HAVE TO HAVE A VAGINA TO APPLY FOR A JOB THERE DUDE! well, i did not say exactly that -- but anyway here are some fun pictures from my last day of high school (ghetto because i was NOT going to upload 60+ pics and exceed my 2mb aol quota :P)

senior prank!Collapse )

oh, and somehow my info on aim has reverted back to something it said about 5 months ago. wtf? this whole 'no school thing' is nice, but it's driving me insane when i come to the startling realization that i lack friends/things to do. it sucks. one can only watch so many episodes of 'the new detectives' on discovery before turning homocidal.

current mood: good

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sunday � june 16th � 2002
3:51 p - gentle persuasion
(i feel as if every facet of my brain has atrophied into some incomprehensible mess. everything has decayed into a mushy pulp, unrenderable. the door keeps opening and slamming as a result of the breeze (wind?). it's quite strange if you actually look at it.)

weaving in and out of crowded streetfairs, restaurant row and the eager indian waiters on 11th street. sweaty palms and the saline of heat in the hanging new york air. but see, it's not quite summer, days before the calendars deem the 21st as the shift in seasons. i'm wearing three layers, that shirt you like and the sweater that's too loose in the back but comes to a handkerchiefed point in the front; i'm also wearing a cordoroy jacket. it's not really hot at all, in fact it's dipping below 60 degrees and you're wearing that khaki colored coat that i hate. i keep on tripping over those closed basement doors that lie not-so-flush with the sidewalk, i try to play into my falls as if it's just a figment of my anger, burning into a firey ember causing me to loose my footing. i trip a few more times and skulk off in my reticence. your hair is flat with your head and i can't be coalesced into apologizing for myself yet again. i wonder if you think i look ugly, because i know sometimes you do.

current mood: numb

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friday � june 14th � 2002
1:27 a - last school night ever D:
: this is the last time ill ever talk to you online on a thursday night when we have school the next day
: damn
: shit
: yeah
: on that note
: goodnight for the last thursday night
: bye
: bye newt

wow. this is true!

current mood: lazy

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tuesday � june 11th � 2002
12:28 a
she was undoubtedly silent because you put her in impossible situations wishing herself for the floor to open up in a merciful social euthanasia.

but i guess i'm just the fucked up one.

current mood: moody

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monday � june 10th � 2002
3:04 a - nag nag nag
and maybe it's cause you came to me in my sleep. maybe it was the residual fragments in my brain, leeking through to my delirious dreams that fester an hour before i have to wake. and possibly maybe, it was because i told myself time and time again not to consider.

i'm constantly mentally backtracking, biting my tongue for things i said months upon months ago. i've managed to bastardize any sense of the word -- any sense of what i wish i could've preserved. but honestly, i can just chalk up all my anticipation to raw immaturity. i constantly envision myself to be some together, emotionally stable, mature being -- as if i were able to handle my own words, my own pseudo emotions. i feel as if i've lost all my ethos, i have no credibility -- i've apologized time and time again for jumping into something, for verbally derailing an infantile relationship, and now i can't make up for lost time. and i think i need to respect the fact that something can survive without being tainted by the weight of such said affective baggage (if even that). and if it weren't for my brain, my thoughts would've been a lot more coherent.

my journal was one year old about three weeks ago.

current mood: uncomfortable

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sunday � june 9th � 2002
2:45 a - my locker
i am immortalizing this shit. i spent the past four years of my life with it, so let me indulge. yes, i am blatantly biting off of insanejane but imitation is the highest form of flattery :P

i'm all about saving small countries from the oppressive regimes of communist nations.

current mood: okay

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