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the venus swimwear catalog (somehow i'm on the mailing list?) should be renamed ALL OF OUR MODELS HAVE NOSEJOBS. one of my secret talents is that i can instantly spot a rhinoplasty. living on long island allows me to hone my talent, since well, there isn't exactly a scarcity of plastic noses.

however, i do think that brooke burke has a real nose. oh and apparently it is OK to wear a thong bathing suit to the beach as long as you have a sarong covering yourself. no, that is never OK. in fact it's ethically wrong in all facets of society. it's repulsive and revolting, and a sarong NEVER makes it OK. once a woman got kicked out of echo park for wearing a thong. that ruled.
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You thought I had a nose job!
i still believe that you do, don't be ashamed, it's nice - unlike the revolting noses on the venus girls.
In Sanibel Island in April, there was this fat white trash woman who I guess thought she didn't feel the need to buy a thong, she instead gave herself this humongous wedgie and walked around on the beach. It was even better when she sat in the water spread-eagle style. Glorious!
question, do you think sheryl crow has had a nose job recently, or is it the new superwhite teeth of hers that are making her look really different?

also, melissa etheridge, new nose, or just bad makeup?
let me see that thong... justine
Most of the people who wear thong bathing suits should really not be showing all that much anyway.

Random fact: I recently was told that half my family had nose jobs. I always wondered why that side of the family was so attractive.