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saturday � june 8th � 2002
2:15 p - ok
i experienced kaiju big battel for the first time last night. and let me tell you, that was quite an experience. it's very reminiscent of really bad japanese monster movies, which i guess what's it's loosely based on. sort of like the wwf meets the japanese gamera movies from the early 70's. except instead of being all 'monster' based, they throw in other objects, such as plantains, kung fu chicken noodle, potatoes, and sandwiches. well, obviously i'm a NEWBIE here, a kaiju novice, if you will -- cause their fans are insane. they got so into it! anyway, it's really hard to watch a kaiju BATTEL if you have no idea what the fuck is going on, so we left in the middle of the last match cause i hate standing for 326436+ hours and having things thrown at my head. but gibby, the creator of makeoutclub was dj'ing there, and he played some cool stuff so it was alright.

but yeah, i saw tastybacon as i was leaving, but i didn't get a chance to say hi and she most likely didn't recognize me. i know lloyd is into kaiju too, but none of it made sense to me until now. so yeah, that was my night.

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monday � june 3rd � 2002

well it "offended" the vice principal at my school. susan painted her rendition of that photograph. the painting is amazing, ill try to take a photograph of it and post it for you all to see -- ugh. so tonight at the art show the vice principal took down the painting and its all very disturbing. our school has become a fascist state. i wish i could think of something to do about it.

addendum: i'm wearing my 'sensation' brooklyn museum of art t-shirt tomorrow as a testament to the likeness between giuliani's distaste for sensational art/fecal matter and the virgin mary, and ms. henry's fascist take on a female al bundy.

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sunday � june 2nd � 2002
7:08 p - hello
things to do:
+make resume
+fax resume
+send pants
+sell docs
+acquire money
+do literature project
+write french essay
+watch six feet under
+study for math(!)

10 Bands You've Seen Live:
papa roach!
tori amos & band
ani difranco
the counting crows!
the roots
red hot chilli peppers
stone temple pilots
alanis morissette

9 Things You're Looking Forward To:
getting a job
the summer
things to do this summer
shows and concerts this summer
my new computer

Read more...Collapse )

current mood: procrastination

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6:01 p - central park summerstage !@$%
ok. summerstage is amazing this summer! so many good artists! all free!

+n.e.r.d & princess superstar
+kid koala
+beth orton
+the avalanches

ethan hawke (he's doing spoken word) and even charlie daniels (ha!) are going to be there! gughgughuh. plus they might be giants & the moldy peaches. but the moldy peaches are annoying & i've never really listened to tmbg ;)

oh, & sonic youth is also playing for free as well! ok that's my promotional pitch. so many free things! so little time!

current mood: excited

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3:44 p - dickheads?
dragged (ha!) to see dick dale @ the knitting factory (where i happened to see shmivejournal, which is pretty strange since we've only spoken about once or twice, and he wasn't friends listed until today, and..) the show was actually pretty good until he pulled out some acoustic guitar shit and extended his set for another 7.2 hours. the crowd that was there was REALLY SCARY. entirely not new york. most people were in 35+ bracket. i felt wicked cool! but yeah, the knitting factory is as big as my bedroom and the crowd was really lame and wow. but -- the tickets were comped and i guess i shouldn't have bad things to say about a free show, granted that it was my first surf rock experience and all. but my favorite part evah was when dick came down from the stage and into the audience and kissed me!$!^%@ keep in mind, this man is old enough to be my grandfather which made it extra sexy.

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thursday � may 30th � 2002
12:54 a - tiny
my black cat and i have been getting very close lately. we never used to hang out that much, but over the past few weeks she has spent a lot of time with me. sitting on the couch with me when i'm watching forensic science shows on discovery, and last night she slept on my bed with me. all night! i woke up and she was curled up next to my head! below is a picture of me laughing because of the scary look on her face:


demonic cat

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wednesday � may 29th � 2002
8:20 p Compatibility Test

Your match with michael
you are 94% similar
you are 65% complimentary

How Compatible are You and Your Friends?

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tuesday � may 28th � 2002
2:56 a - please listen to this:

current mood: working

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monday � may 27th � 2002
3:54 a - belle and sebastian listeners:
i ask you this:
did you even watch the cartoon in the late 80's? well i did, so i'm more indie than all of you fuckers!

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1:08 a - because of memorial day:
this september 11th stuff on the news, and on TLC, and on the discovery channel, and on HBO..
it just really makes me ill. it makes me physically sick. i cannot watch that plane crashing into ..
i can't relive that stuff. or maybe now, eight months later, i'm finally coming to grips with it..
something that you've grown up with, something you would see as a child crossing the queensboro bridge..
a riverside view that you took for granted just weeks before it happened..

i would cry if i could, but i've never been good at that. i think that my tears would mock the gravity of it all - it's more of an empty void, a pit reopened with every passing video, photograph, documentary. and i really feel for my friends that never got the chance to visit the towers - i have one distinct memory with my mother and stepfather, when some austrians cut me in line, the day was too windy for the observation deck to be open, the elevator.

i'm sorry. this all must seem so fucking trite, but i just can't ..

current mood: morose

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friday � may 24th � 2002
7:51 p - oscar wilde version of legally blonde?
reese witherspoon is going to butcher the character of cecily cardew.
what a fucking disgrace.

current mood: nauseated

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sunday � may 12th � 2002
3:09 a
there is something strangely and frighteningly intriguing about having a prison penpal.

current mood: curious

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2:31 a
i mean, what's the fucking point of being with someone if you can't show them a remote semblance of happiness? and i suppose that must sound entirely codependent, expecting yourself to provide others with happiness - but don't you think everything would be entirely fucking worthless if their life remained in complete stasis from this point one year ago?

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saturday � may 11th � 2002
9:38 p - mothers day and shit
i just switched my language to 'english UK.' i wonder what will happen.

i just went to cvs to buy my mother and grandmother cards. the stupid cashier was so rude to me. i wanted to spit on her. ugh! i wish i could just buy my mom a card with a pickle on it and a can of spam and call it a day. but alas my mom doesn't go for that kind of humor. she expects gifts. and nice ones at that, too bad i'm a poor ass bastard that just spent the last $8 to my name. and even that $8 i acquired through means of swindling, etc. but come on, the card i bought her was $4.99. that practically constitues a gift there. the card had glitter and everything. so yeah.

so someone finally bought my sorry ass jeans that i was selling on e-bay. hopefully this $37 will be able to get me some mileage. but yeah, i could always get a job or something. that would be the logical solution. i eventually do have to acquire some job so that i can make some money for college. but who knows when i'll actually get around to doing that. susan doesn't seem to be keen on hooking anyone up with the sweet ass secretarial job that she was offered BUT WILL NOT TAKE.

my mom just made me this singaporean (sp?) dish. it has shrimp and some funky pasta. it's actually quite awful, but i'm hungry so it'll have to suffice, despite my undying craving for sushi. which reminds me of this completely racist ditto that we got in bio a couple of weeks ago while we were learning about digestion. it has this little asian dude sitting on some riverbank in complete kimono wear with a fucking bonsai tree in the background eating this raw fish. the ditto then has this outcropping that exposes the malaise going on in his digestive tract complete with hermaphroditic parasites and whatnot. so then lo has to go on this diatribe on 'WHY I NEVER EAT SUSHI!'

oh: i need to acquire approx. $600 for a plane ticket to paris. any advice on how to swindle my francophile stepfather into giving me this money? he totally would, it's just a matter of how to approach him about it. sigh.

current mood: hungry

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thursday � may 9th � 2002
4:04 p - this is the ap french language exam. beep.
ok, i don't even know what to say about that shit. i'm just waiting for jess to sign on so i can vent. like, the listening was fucking impossible, and the only part i think i did semi-decently on was the essay and the fucking speaking! the speaking! jesus. our proctor royally fucked up the tapes and we ended up recording all the parts that we shouldn't have, and then he fucked up again and told us to stop the tapes, thinking it was the end of the exam when we really had three more questions to go. haha, so we got about 2+ minutes to prep for the last three questions. all highly illegal, and all as a result of his own error. mike thinks it's really funny that whenever i messed up speaking on the tape, i would correct myself and say 'excusez-moi'. i also uttered 'shit' under my breath when i couldn't think of anything to say about the role of parents in an adolescents life. i think mr kenny said it best when he said, 'mike, are you a native speaker?'
mike's response: 'uh, no'
mr kenny: 'then you're getting a 2. and brian you're getting a 1.'

i will be enthralled once AP week is over. i still have to fill out this lame ass faculty scholarship and ugh ugh ugh. fuck school, seriously. for once and for all :\

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wednesday � may 8th � 2002
11:26 p - i don't speak the language
AP French tomorrow. ok really, why the fuck did i take that class? and while i'm at it, i think i'll cover my worst mistakes ever:

+taking ap bio over ap art history
+not taking ap art history in general
+not taking discrete math
+developing my senior ego way too early in the year
+taking ap french
+not having the balls to tell dr. fred that i wasn't gonna take the exam
+being filled with anxiety and regret ALL THE FUCKING TIME

so tomorrow will be really fucking amusing. this exam will be like playing 'the gym game.' the gym game is when you cut an indiscernable amount of classes each quarter and then wait for your report card to see what you get in the class. the game is most enjoyable when you cut a great deal of classes and the teacher doesn't seem to realize and gives you an 85. that is the true beauty of the game.

ok, so in other news i went back to my scary doctor today cause my PPD tuberculosis skin test came back sketchy. ok, they used to do the 'tb TINE' but now since theyre all fucking medically savvy, physicians opt for the PPD under-the-skin injection. so they fire some funky protein derivative under your skin, and you come back in 48 hours and they tell you if you're dying or not. well, my test came back fine but then the next day i got this funky red mark around the area, so it was suspect. ANYWAY i have to get a chest xray and shit which apparently requires you to hump the xray machine. my doctor is convinced that immigrants and any folk riding the MTA carry tb and are thusly infecting me by their sheer immigrantness. DIE LIBERALS DIE. whatever, apparently 50% of straphangers would test positive on a PPD. i'm guessing that's an inlfated statistic, but hopefully i won't die.

so after that, my mom and i went to kmart. ok, all you haters out there - kmart owns all. that store is fucking great, especially now since they're practically defunct and their bluelight specials are all a million % off. since my $6 watch broke today in english, i bought a dexter's laboratory watch for $4. it will probably break too, but i need it for the test tomorrow. i really want a sleek swatch like allison. however, my mom and i got a digital camera for $80. it was originally like, $300, but with bankruptcy comes major deals. anyway, the camera is all sexy but there's on problem: it doesn't work. oh well, that's not kmart's fault. hopefully it will fix itself, cause appliances have tendencies to do that. once my discman broke, and i left it alone for a couple of months and then when i used it again it started to miraculously work. so whatever that's about. i lent amanda my burned copy of surfer rosa. amanda is cool because gas station attendants hit on her boyfriend.

i've basically reduced any possibility of 'studying' to nil. wish me 'luck' or something.

current mood: lazy

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tuesday � may 7th � 2002
7:01 p - survey cause jess is cool
first grade teacher's name: mrs. mcdonough
last word you said: minute
last song you sang: some U2 song that was playing in the car
last person you hugged: my mom
last thing you laughed at: something amanda said
last time you said 'i love you': i guess to my mom some time in the past week. i might've said it to my dog though.
last time you cried: shit. i should know this..

what's in your cd player: surfer rosa
what color socks are you wearing: flip flops, beeatch.
what's under your bed: dusty rubbermaid bins
what time did you wake up today: 6:50

where do you want to go: i really need to come up with money to go to paris to visit my girlfriend
what is your career going to be: something involving fun and back to back black dildos
how many kids do you want: i think i want a lot of kids cause that way you're pretty much ensured that at least one will turn out okay. but i don't really like the idea of pushing a plural number of human bodies through my birth canal.
what kind of car will you have: volkswagon cause i'm low maintenance and shit.

current taste: banana
current hair: dirty blonde
current clothes: 3/4 length sleve button down and jeans
current annoyance: driving/cars
current smell: nothing
current longing: food
current desktop picture: strand
current favorite artist: PIET MONDRIAN
current book: Lolita
current worry: that i'm going to get kicked out of nhs
current time-wasting wish: that someone would call me :\
current hate: geraldine hapke
story behind your lj username: i'm a faggot
current favorite article of clothing: clean underwear?
favorite physical feature of the opposite sex: nice teeth
last cd that you bought: the last cd that i acquired (burned) was avant hard by add n to (x)
favorite place to be: 6TH PERIOD MATH WITH GERALDINE HAPKE :p
least favorite place: (refer above)
time you wake up in the morning: 7 am when jenny picks me up, and 6:45 when i have to be at school at 7 for driver's assfucking
if you could play any instrument, what would it be: the saw
favorite color: green and gray
do you believe in an afterlife? i believe in l. ron hubbard
how tall are you? 5 foot 7.25 inches but i lied to the dmv and said i was 5'8" :P
current favourite word: psoriasis
favorite book: white oleander cause oprah rules and stuff :P
favorite season: summer and fall and spring too!
one person from your past you wish you could go back and talk: my daddy :|
one person you wish was here right now: josh schulman
favorite day: friday afternoon but sunday nights rule cause i love hbo :P

a line you remember from any book: "i wish i had a pig ball" from the handmaid's tale
a line from the last thing you wrote to someone: "ME NEITHER"
a random lyric: break my body hold my bones
identify some things surrounding your computer: my ghetto fabulous earrings, banana peels, orange peels, hair tie, dell catalog and my mom's roxy cd!

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1:34 a
princess superstar is playing at the bowery ballroom with dj spooky on thursday. too bad i'm a poor ass bastard. and too bad i don't have an id.

attn: viv and suv - geoff nutter and david friedman (both columbia dudes) were reading their poetry at halcyon in brooklyn heights this past sunday. i just stumbled across the listing today. i'm sure he'll be around the nyc literary scene again. dave friedman was published in one of the 'best american poets of [insert random year].' yeah, so..

i just managed to do about 1/4 of all my laundry that needs to be done. i feel semi-productive and not completely worthless! hooray.

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monday � may 6th � 2002
3:59 p
so. today was a fine day. @ 7am had the AP English Lit exam, which was alright, save the fact that i was not in essay writing mode AT ALL. so after the test, i made a bee line out of that god foresaken building to escape my revolting math teacher. then me, julie, allison and cassandra lunched for a while & went to cheeburger where we ate so much fucking crap. i feel like puking. ugh ugh ugh. after that, we CRUISED for a while and drove to RIVAL SCHOOLS and harassed children. it was really fun. thursday is AP French, which is going to be really funny. i'd love to see what i get on that shit.

today is allison's birthday, guys. she is 18. wish her a happy birthday.

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sunday � may 5th � 2002
1:25 a - english girls named sharice. english girls with ghetto names. i love that shit.
i ate sushi for the second time this week. something tells me that is not cool. parasites notwithstanding, spicy tuna is good. yellowtail is good. rainbow rolls are goood. i woke up in a cold sweat last night cause i dreamt that i was pregnant. this dream was scary. but what was scarier than the actual idea of having a baby was the fact that in my dream my body was completely devoid of um, pregnancy? "for a woman, this dream forecasts a happy increase in material wealth, but for a man it is a warning agaisnt indiscriminate sex relations."

cool, maybe i'll get a car.

current mood: hungry

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